I Can Explain / Murphy’s Law

Some people call it Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong will go wrong. I tend to lean in that direction.

And what’s more, I’ve got proof—so let me explain.

A couple of months ago, my husband and I decided to sell our RV and buy a house. We spent many great years on the road, and it was a tough decision. But it was time. Especially in light of the pandemic.

So, we listed our beloved vehicle on RV Trader. The coach which had served as our home was soon to belong to someone else.

Here’s the backstory. Several months before, we’d had a problem with the slide outs—just when we needed to get on the road, but the Tiffin technician told my husband which wires to jiggle. Since Joe is a certified RV tech himself, he fixed it, and we figured that was it.

One of the first lookers notified us he’d be at the RV park in a couple of hours. I spent most of the time getting the inside spick and span then Joe brought the slides in to exercise them. Twelve minutes before the potential buyer was to arrive, Joe pressed the button to bring them out again. Sure enough, nothing. They wouldn’t go.

He went outside and jiggled the same wires. Nothing happened. Five minutes before arrival time and we panicked. No one would want to buy an RV whose slides didn’t work.

Time was up, and a car approached our spot at the RV park. One last time, Joe pressed the buttons.

Hum. The sound of the slides going out sounded like joyful music. The potential buyer got out of his car, knocked on our door, and toured the RV.

PS: the RV eventually sold, but that man wasn’t the buyer, and the slides never acted up again.


18 thoughts on “I Can Explain / Murphy’s Law”

  1. Whew. Glad everything worked out for you two and I hope those slides are still working for the new owners. You must have many adventures and opportunities to share Jesus with people. It will be interesting to see how God changes things as you settle into one place to call home. God bless you both.

    1. Thanks, Stephen. I love RV life as one never knows what to expect. Hopefully we can get back to it. Yes, we did share the Lord along the way. What a privileged.

  2. How funny that these odd little things happen from time to time. I used to call them coincidences, but now I call them “God incidences.” 🙂

  3. Life does happen like this sometimes. Glad it worked out. Glad it didn’t act up again. I love the idea of traveling across county in an RV. My husband and I talk about doing it one day. Not sure when, though. I do like my roomy house.

    1. Marcie, that was such a dilemma for me as well. I love to travel and also love the room in a home. We had a large RV that was fairly expensive and we couldn’t afford both a house and that RV. God willing, we can get a smaller one and travel again.

  4. I think sometimes God lets us be challenged so we can see Him work and learn to trust Him better. Sometimes, I panic and learn that I need to trust Him more. Welcome home from the road. God bless!

  5. We should basically just plan on things going wrong, leave a window of time available for it, plan extra time for it even. For this is a fallen world, and everything in it is falling apart in one way or another. Glad you got your RV sold.

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