I Can Explain – Wash Day Calamities

Does Murphy’s Law always have to take precedence over life or do crazy things merely happen? I haven’t figured it out yet. 

Let me explain. Recently my dear husband had to go to the hospital. Mr. Murphy must’ve known because everything seemed to go wrong. Here’s what happened. First, I decided to change the sheets on the bed so they’d be nice and fresh when he got home. I took the old ones off and placed them in the washer then started the machine. I made up the bed with clean ones from the linen closet. When the washer completed the cycle, I stuffed the sheets into the dryer. The bottom sheet was missing! I looked all over the laundry room and searched the bedroom and bath room. No bottom sheet. Then it struck me to check the bed with the fresh sheets. Yes, over the mattress cover, there were two fitted sheets, the old on the bottom and then the new.

During this sheet changing episode, I noticed the washer leaked—a steady stream ran out the front along the floor. I threw a dirty towel down to mop up the water. As a side note, the new washer had never leaked before.

Never mind the washer. It was time to drive to the hospital to visit my spouse. On the way back home, I somehow took the wrong exit and had to stay on that road for over a mile, make a U-turn to get back on the freeway then exit onto the right road the next time.

Difficulties come in bunches of three, right? The calamities were over. Wrong. The backyard birds were hungry so I decided to fill the feeder—the job my husband usually does. I turned the long tube the wrong way and bird seed spilled all over my husband’s work desk and onto the floor in the garage. 

Unfortunately, all this happened when I was plotting my latest book. My characters suffered a bit more conflict than usual. I blame Mr. Murphy.

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