I Can Explain – why our pharmacist had a pair of horns in the church parking lot

Sometimes I shake my head in confusion and wonder. The strangest things seem to happen to me. Oh well. At least I can explain.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Southern Christian Writers’ Conference in Leeds Alabama. One of the classes was about how to write in a man’s or woman’s POV. POV means point of view or how a character is thinking. Of course, if the character is a male, the author must write like a guy would think and if she’s a female, the writer will write the way a woman thinks. What makes it hard is a woman author just doesn’t think like a man and might have a bit of trouble. Same for guys who’re writing like a woman.

So, the class offered some valuable material about the differences in the way men and women think. For example, when a woman encounters stress, she usually talks it out, not keeping the feelings inside. A man wants to take his problems and disappear into his man cave. He doesn’t want to discuss them. He only wants to move on.

When two women get together to have a conversation, it’s usually about complex, emotional topics. Men focus on facts. The latest ballgame, a funny joke, his car, or his hobby. So, when we drove into the church parking lot last Sunday, it was no surprise to see Josh and some other guy deeply involved in conversation over the object Josh held in his hand. A pair of deer antlers he wanted to hang up in his house. That is if his wife lets him.

I didn’t see two women talking in the parking lot, but if I had, they would’ve discussed a new purse one of them had bought at Macy’s or perhaps how they need to go on a diet.

I confess. My writers’ class helped me understand Josh’s antlers at church.   

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