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In the midst of our crazy, unpredictable lives, we need a bit of humor. My husband reminds me constantly. I tend to be the melancholy, serious type where everything’s a tragedy, and he finds something comical in everyday life. I want to be more like that. So, I decided to write blog posts about the silly, funny, unbelievable things that seem to always happen to me. I Can Explain is my tag line for this venture.


Several weeks ago, I had cataract surgery. What’s not to like about it? Improved vision? Yep. I literally skipped to the hospital and the surgical floor. Yea! Cataract surgery, here I came.

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t quite that happy. In the hospital room, the first nurse arrived to help me out of my regular clothes into designer surgery wear. Gorgeous. Especially the shoes that fit over my own. Yep, I didn’t have to remove my sandals.

The second lovely nurse assigned to prepare patients for surgery returned at least 10 times with eye drops. Soon, my eyeballs were as numb as my feet plagued by neuropathy.

Lastly, a sweet, young tech arrived to take me to the OR. Only thing, I had to go in a wheel chair despite the fact my legs were perfectly fine. Especially with my designer surgery shoes. I sat in the chair as she prepared to wheel me down the hall. Since I have allergies, I needed my tissue which had fallen to the floor. I leaned over to get it and fell out of the wheelchair, landing on my feet.

The poor OR tech screamed and grabbed for me. I was likely twice as big as her, so she didn’t catch me. Besides, I stood several feet from the chair, the tissue in my hand.

My husband sitting in the corner of the room? He snickered a few times, not bothered by any of the action. Besides, he enjoyed working his word game on his phone. I wonder today if the sweet, young tech has decided to remain in medicine after encountering a crazy patient who fell to the floor on the way to the OR. Or maybe she’s taken up another profession – cosmetology, perhaps.

16 thoughts on “I Can Explain”

    1. Ava, indeed it is. And I seem to always have funny things happen. Maybe not too comical at the time but later they are. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Oh my! I love your sense of humor, especially your description of the designer shoes. I still have my designer yellow grippy socks as a reminder of my March hospital stay. Keep smiling; a cheerful heart is good medicine.

  2. Thanks for commenting and sharing about your experience, Candace. I can remember those socks as well from a previous stay. How much better to laugh then worry. It took me too long to figure that out.

  3. Ah, love those designer shoes!! I live your positive spin and sense of humor about what could have been a frustrating and scary experience!!

  4. We all do need to laugh more especially at ourselves. I am glad you are okay and I pray the surgery made a wonderful improvement in your sight.

  5. I tend to toggle between melancholy and a bright and pushy-tail type of person. πŸ™‚ But I agree these types of experiences can be trying for any personality-type. Glad your procedure went okay and you are able to be humorous about it.

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