Life After Life

I tend to dread hearing about friends and family my own age that have passed on, but the reality of the next life should bring great joy. And I suppose it’s a subject a person of any age might contemplate.

It makes no sense to say that when this life is over, we will remain forever unaware, unconscious, and completely dead under the earth. What about our minds that wonder, think, explore— feelings that experience a gamut of emotions, and the spirit within that seeks to find its Maker? Does all that come to an end when our frame enters the grave? I don’t believe we possess all those marvelous components for them to cease to exist.

Where did I get these ideas from? A good source. The Bible says we are aliens and strangers in this world. – 1Peter 2:11. When I lived in Germany for three years, I was an alien citizen in that country.  Where was my true earthly citizenship? The United States of America. So, if I’m an alien in this world, where is my real home?

When Jesus left this earth, He referred to the next life when he said that in His father’s house were many rooms, and He was going there to prepare a place for me and every other Christian. John 14:2.  Revelations 21 tells us that the dwelling place of God will be with men. It’s an existence where there are no more tears, death, crying or pain. In fact, He’s making it brand new. That sounds like Heaven to me.

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