Made in His Image

When we moved in to our house, a lovely dogwood tree grew just behind the deck. Last spring we enjoyed its glorious blossoms.

My dear husband knows I love dogwoods so he bought a couple at Marvin’s, our local hardware store. Their nursery department is extensive.

He planted two little trees next to the larger, more mature one.

One morning I looked out at the forest behind our house. Because we were into the fall season, the leaves on the large dogwood were turning. After gazing at the colors for a while, I glanced down at the smaller trees. Sure enough, as to be expected, their leaves were a similar red and orange. They looked like the larger tree.

The scripture from Genesis 1: 26 came to mind. “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.'” We, as well, are made in God’s image, to look like Him. I think the passage means that God gave us a spirit, as He is spirit and we will live for all eternity, just as He exists forever. But it’s up to us where we spend eternity. In His presence or not. I choose to dwell in His presence.

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