Our Source

“Give us this day our daily bread.” When we pray these words, who do we seek? The government would like us to believe it must be them—an institution run by man and today far from God and His word.

Our country is headed in a dangerous direction. If and when we incorporate a socialistic government, I’ll probably be gone from this earth. This treacherous form of government leads to a way of life foreign to Christians. It requires that we look to the national government to our needs and dismisses our dependence on God.

Not only is the danger of placing dependence on someone/something besides God evident, the plan will financially break the US. Our liberties will be severely restricted concerning health care and a myriad of other freedoms we enjoy. Plus, we’ll pay high percentages of our incomes in taxes.

Sounds daunting. The better source of “our daily bread” is the Lord. No virus can consume Him or change His plans for His people.

Trust the Lord as your source.

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