Book Review – This Side of Heaven by Diane Dean White

This Side of Heaven

This Side of Heaven by Diane Dean White is a story sure to keep you turning your kindle pages. If you love the old south, you will want to read this one. The story is set in Georgia and filled with sweet peaches and southern cuisine, culture, and drawls one hears in the deep south, evidenced by the hero’s favorite term for the heroine—darlin’.

Darlene has escaped an abusive marriage and has lived under the radar for several years with her two children. When her husband is killed, the door is open for the handsome Detective Brett Gafee to enter her life.

The story has more twists and turns than the Talladega Speedway filled with the joys as well as the tragedies life throws our way. Faith in God and His plan for their lives, Darlene and Brett lead us on a riveting journey.

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