Proof That God Is Real

Do you ever doubt that God is real? Whoa. What a question to ask on a Christian blog. But let’s be honest. There has probably been a time in all our lives when we’ve wondered about the validity of God and the truth of the Bible.

I am definitely not an expert at apologetics, the branch of theology concerned with the defense or proof of Christianity. I have to leave that to the scholars. But I’ve made some observations in recent years which strongly affirm the legitimacy of God.

Through the years I’ve known people who were selfish, promiscuous, greedy, breaking all kinds of moral laws. Then God came into their hearts, and they walked away different people. It’s happened too many times to be a coincidence.

Recently a friend remarked to me about a family member. She said she couldn’t believe this person used to be a drinking, smoking, cussing, non-church goer, and now he’s a non-drinker, non-smoker, clean mouthed church attendee. Only God can change a person’s heart and behavior this way—proof enough for me.



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