Proverbs 10 The Wise and the Foolish

Proverbs 10 spells it out. Everything is in black and white. You can’t miss the message.

Starting with verse 3, each proverb contrasts two kinds of people or two character traits. Here are a few. The lazy vs. hardworking. Looks like lazy folks are headed for poverty, but the diligent will become wealthy.

In verse 6, the righteous and the wicked are contrasted. One will obtain blessings, and the other will be overcome by violence.

Verse 8 talks about the wise vs. the chattering fool. The wise know how to follow a command, but the other guy—well he comes to ruin.

Then there’s hatred and love. If you hate someone, you stir up conflict between you and him. But if you can find love in your heart for someone with whom you have a conflict, that love will cover over all the wrong things you both did.

I like this one. When some do wrong and are disciplined for it, they are on the road to life. But the other guy who ignores discipline, well, he not only messes things up for himself, he leads others in the same direction.

You’ve probably gotten the idea by now. One type of person shows wisdom and things work out for them. The other, the fool, comes to ruin. But let’s not stop there. What determines which category you’re in?

In the first chapter, the author of Proverbs says they are written for gaining wisdom and instruction and insight. Then it goes on to say that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but fools despise wisdom.

If you want to join the ranks of the wise, get to know God.

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