Reader’s Day

Dear Reader, I’d love to hear about your special holiday meal.

Please write about them in the comment section, 

and I’ll put your name in the hat to win Christmas at Raccoon Creek this week. 


Where to purchase Christmas at Raccoon Creek.

1 thought on “Reader’s Day”

  1. Our Family Christmas meal happened on Christmas Eve Day since that was the only day everybody could get together for a meal. It was made special because God saw to it that this was the day everyone got together and had a fantastic meal and fellowship. I’m grateful for God’s answers even though they may not be the way we want or what we want. There was so much to eat it was yummy. I love celebrating Christmas and eating a good Christmas meal but most of all I love celebrating the reason for the season—Jesus.
    This year the Christmas Meal was extra special because the family had some personal problems happen that could have prevented Not everyone being at the Christmas meal but once again God was gracious and Merciful saw to it everyone was at our Christmas meal. I thank God for that.

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