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The Inn at Cranberry Cove

I enjoyed the story, and read it in one sitting. The hero and heroine of the story were very likable characters, with James’ recent personal tragedy making him all the more endearing to readers.

Mark Buzzard

What a great mystery. The author kept me guessing through the whole book. I really liked the characters. James drowned his grief in work. Ashton was determined to keep her aunt’s dream going. They both realized they were missing something when they had been away from church for a while and decided to return. Mayor Fernsby and Mrs. Babbage were also great characters. I loved the way this book turned out and would recommend it.

Susan Johnson

Ryan’s Father

I applaud June Foster’s novel that is full of insight from her experience as a Christian counselor. This is an emotional, dramatic, wholesome novel that is based—not on biased assumptions—but on fact coming out of the successful treatment of wounded individuals through Christ-centered counsel. Brava, June Foster.

~Christine Lindsay~

All Things New

June Foster has done a wonderful job of creating 3-D characters that immediately make the reader care about them from page one. The circumstances of the story are believable, as are the characters. I especially liked the unexpected twist toward the end. Never saw it coming, but it fit fabulously into the story line, and helped create more tension. If you like romance with a bit of raw reality, you’ll surely enjoy All Things New

~TWJ Magazine~.

Out of Control

No matter how out of control we get good can come to us. Tim and Roxanne were dealing with issues from their past. Then let us add in some nasty instigators to stir the pot. You never know what can trigger the anger in a person. I for one was on the receiving end and it was never a good thing. We have to be careful as we never know what is going on in a person’s life and what their journey has been. A very good book to read.

~Karen C. Riley~

A Home for Fritz

The heroine plays at living a fairy tale and pretends to be the sister of the rich family she works for, but she runs into a wrangler who could care less what she does for a living. When she falls for him, she discovers that she’s set herself up with problems and wonders if he’ll ever forgive her. She even falls for his dog Fritz and would love nothing more than to be with them, but realizes when the time is up at the ranch she’ll probably never see them again. Each time the cowboy wants to draw closer, she finds herself pushing away for fear of being trapped in her fantasy world of deceit. Then there is the rich girl who wants to tell what she knows and win the cowboy for herself. This book is well written and keeps you turning the pages, and I loved how the author described the cowboy’s eyes. Will she ever see her cowboy and Fritz again once she heads home? She tries to leave him a note with her address and phone number, but doesn’t know if he’ll get them or not. When she goes to look for him, he’s gone.

~B.J. Robinson~



Flawless by June Foster is a sweet romance with deeper relevance. The more I read, the more I realized that I, like her main characters Jess and Holly, needed to bring a few things to God in prayer. Would be a wonderful read for someone interested in a relationship with God or a young believer.

~Jennifer Hallmark~

A Hometown Fourth of July

As sweet romances go, June Foster’s A Hometown Fourth of July fits the bill, but there is so much more of an underlying story. The main plot is inspired by a real-life relative of the author, so we can see why the details are right on target.

~TWJ Magazine~


Red and the Wolf

June Foster’s written a heart-warming book that re-tells Little Red Riding Hood in a grown-up fun way. She includes humor and writes from a Christian viewpoint. I recommend this book for a refreshing, inspirational read.

~Gail Pallotta~


What God Knew

Another good story from June Foster. In this book she tells of an African-American doctor who is trying his best to serve God, and a white nurse who hasn’t made up her mind on what she believes. When they mix up the order that their relationship should follow, they must overcome many obstacles. This story demonstrates how God can work wonders and grant grace and forgiveness.

~Kindle Customer~

Echoes From the Past 

I have enjoyed all of June Foster’s books but I think “Echoes From The Past” is my number 1 favorite! Why, you ask, because it shows we all can make mistakes and still be used by and for God. It shows that God used less than perfect people and yes that includes pastors.

Debbie Curto~

For All Eternity

This book is different from any other book I have ever read. Two beautiful people believing in different Gods. One worshiped a loving God, the other worshiped a God that expected you to earn your way into Heaven. This was one interesting story.

~Judy Burgi~


Prescription for Romance

Prescription for Romance is well written and engaging with emotions through the lives of Scott and Stephanie. The characters are well developed with realistic life issues to confront to find forgiveness, healing and new beginnings.

~Marilyn R. ~

Letting Go

This was a lovely read. I enjoyed the story as it held a message of hope and healing and new direction, which was inspiring.

~J. Harrison~

Misty Hollow

Sweet story about a simpler time in life. Also a reminder of the harsh reality many people face with illiteracy. Heart warming and pure.

~Amazon Customer~

Restoration of the Heart

Could not put it down. The ending is a twist that I did not expect. I read this book in two settings only because I fell asleep well past my bedtime.

~Joe Foster~

Lavender Fields Inn

What an inviting book!! Lavender Fields Inn captured me with the title and then the trip to the SPA! A dream come true. The author uses beautiful description in this area of Colorado; one can almost smell the enchanting grounds surrounding the gorgeous hotel and spa. How God used a dream in this sweet novella, and led someone to share with a calming spirit is part of the romance when two teachers go to the mountains, and bask in massages, facials and lavender!

~Diane Dean White~

Almond Street Mission

Wow, June Foster has really outdone herself with this one. I have always loved her books because she often tackles difficult topics that other authors shy away from. This is no exception, she creates characters that we genuinely care for and want to succeed. I was so touched by so many of the broken homeless men in the shelter. It also asks the powerful question “Have you unfairly judged someone?” So many times as Christians we don’t project the love and grace that God has given to us. I was so touched by this book as well as blessed. Please read this book it is heart wrenching and thought provoking and you will definitely be touched. I hope to see more of these characters in the future.



The Inn at Cranberry Cove, Book 1 in the Cranberry Cove Series

Winner of the 2021 Selah Awards in Romantic Suspense

Give Us This Day – republished as Flawless

Finalist 2013 National Readers Choice award

EPIC e-book awards 2013

Deliver Us – republished as All Things Knew

2014 Finalist Laurel Awards

Ryan’s Father

COTT Winner for January 2014

Cascade writing contest finalist Oregon Christian Writers


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