Finally the last disaster. There were more but these were the worst.

The biggest, hugest, scariest problem we had occurred on Monarch Pass, 11,312 feet high, located on the Continental Divide near Salida, Colorado. 


We got to the top of the mountain and our RV gave up. In the middle of no where. No cell phone coverage or any towns close by. That can get a person to praying. 

But the Lord was looking after us.


We lost power steering and power brakes as we coasted to a stop right in front of a little store.

The owner called a mechanic in Gunnison twenty five miles away who makes house calls.


Sure enough, our serpentine belt broke.but our hero fixed it.







We were back on the road in five hours. 


2 thoughts on “RVing”

  1. That was scary! How wonderful to know the Lord provided the blessings of the RV stopping in front of a store. Also, the Lord providing a mechanic. Glad everything was able to be fixed. 🙂

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