Still thinking about going RV’ing? Great. It’s a wonderful lifestyle. But if you use the internet, you may want to consider this. Here’s my own personal experience.


What about internet access?  Did you have a satellite antennae for TV?


For the internet, we had a Sprint Air Card. Unfortunately its reception was iffy at times. We’ve stayed places where it wouldn’t work at all. It was frustrating to say the least, especially if I depended on it to research that week. Not too many of us traveled in an RV and wrote fiction at the same time.


Sometimes, the park internet worked well.  We hooked up to their system, they gave us the password, and away we sailed on the world wide web. Also available are internet service plans  from (for example) Walmart. Just like when you buy one of their phones and keep recharging the minutes. Check out the electronics section.


Speaking of Walmart, they became our best friend. You can even stay overnight in their parking lot if you park away from the entrance. And of course it’s dry camping.  That means with no hookups. I discovered something interesting about Walmart. No matter what city you’re in, most Walmart’s have the same configurations. You can go in a new store and know where everything is. We have a Walmart atlas which gives all the Walmart’s in the US and how to get there.




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