Like any other part of life, RV’ing has it’s ups and downs. 


RVing is a fun and exciting way of life. It’s like being on a permanent vacation. The first years before I started writing, we traveled and did sightseeing in almost all of the US states. Seeing the National Parks is something I’ll never forget. Then there are a myriad of state parks and other historical areas. Honestly, it was like getting up every day and finding the freedom to explore a place you’ve never been before.

      Tetons National Park


We liked to choose an event in history such like the explorations of Lewis and Clark. We mapped out their path and followed it visiting tons of museums and other historical sites including replicas of original buildings as well as restored sites. It was an entertaining history lesson.

Once we chose Abe Lincoln and traveled to his birth place, where he grew up as a child, Springfield, Illinois where he practiced law, and many more places. Fascinating.


To get ideas as to where to go, I would look at a state map and find all the attractions. We’d choose which ones interested us. Of course you can always send for brochures. If you are an RVer and write, you could divide your time between the two.


I think the worse thing about RVing is when something goes wrong, like our awning came loose while we were traveling down the freeway at 70 mph. Too, we got very lost a couple of times. One thing we discovered is don’t travel at night in an RV. Somehow in an RV, it’s hard to find where you’re going, even if you have a GPS. Make reservations or choose a location to stay before it gets dark.


Another problem if you’re RVing full time is going to the doctor or dentist. Sometimes, we had to establish a new doctor in the town where we were parked. I thank God He protected us from any serious illnesses or accidents.

If you like to go to a hairdresser, that can be tricky, too.  A few times, I had a bad haircut. One last thing, don’t stay in roadside parks. We didn’t feel secure and left one time in the middle of the night.


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