RV’ing – New Friends

RV park in Cullman, Alabama




From the first moment after we registered at a new campground, we had instant friends. No one is more friendly than other people traveling around in RV’s. They waved and smiled a big welcome. As if they’d know us for years.



Friends in Palmetto, Florida


At every location, we made good friends, many with whom we keep in contact even to this day. Most camps hold social activities where campers can fellowship and get to know one another. My husband generally finds a golfing group.


Some camps even have churches on site. We loved worshiping the Lord with fellow campers and getting to know the Christian RV’ers.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Melissa. It was such a wonderful experience. But I suppose we’ve turned a new chapter on our lives now. God has blessed us with a permanent church home and new Christian friends.

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