Somebody Loves You


Somebody Loves You

Words we love to hear. Best of all they’re true. Christians are loved and valued by the One whose opinion matters the most. God. And not just Christians. The Bible says God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. The world means everyone in it. John 3:16

Do you ever believe God couldn’t possibly think much of you because of all your failures and mistakes? You are too imperfect for God. Well, I’ve got good news for you. One of the characters we read about in the Bible proves that theory wrong.

Peter. He’s so representative of all of us. Take a look at John 21:15-25. The chapter takes place after the resurrection while Jesus is still on the earth. Though the disciples hadn’t caught any fish all night, Jesus appears and tells them to try again. They can barely pull in the net with 153 fish.

Then Jesus serves them a breakfast of fish and bread beside the sea. What I find interesting is Peter’s behavior during this time. So human, so impulsive, so flawed. Yet Jesus loves him so much He compels him to “feed his lambs” after He was gone. That means take care of His followers. A pretty big job.

Instead of riding in on the boat when Peter heard Jesus was on the shore, he dives in and swims to the shore, demonstrating his impulsive nature. Then when Jesus asks him three times to take care of His sheep, Peter becomes frustrated. But what really makes me chuckle is Peter’s question to the Lord. After Jesus gives Peter his instructions as to what He expects in the future, Peter turns to John and asks Jesus about what job He’s assigning to this other disciple. Maybe he was nosy or trying to take the spotlight off himself, I’m not sure. But what a human reaction we all have at times.

Jesus loved Peter faults and all. He feels the same about all of us. Even Peter learned this lesson. Acts 10:34 says “Then Peter began to speak: “‘I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism.'”

Never, never allow the enemy of God, your inner self, or anyone else tell you God couldn’t love you because you’re not good enough. That’s a lie. He cherishes and values you just as you are. Rejoice in that.

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