Spotlight Shining on Author Anne Baxter Campbell

About the book: 

Sarah Johnson is a woman deep in grief over the loss of her only child, three-year-old Tamara. Six months’ time hasn’t lessened the pain. She leaves for work early one morning and hasn’t been seen since. Her husband Paul, professor of languages and counselor at Arizona State University, also grieves but is moving on. How far on? When Sarah disappears, he’s suspected of getting rid of her in favor of a luscious redhead. How can he convince the police he’s innocent? And where―or when―on God’s green earth did Sarah go?



About the author: 

Anne Baxter Campbell is a Christian with an urgent desire to lead people one step closer to the Lord who loves them more than life. She’s also a mom, a grandma, and a great-grandma to a passel of perfect kids. Oh–and she shares her North Central California home with the friendliest dog in the neighborhood (Meggie Wigglesworth) and a queenly black cat called Cleo.

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight Shining on Author Anne Baxter Campbell”

    1. Melissa, I’ve read this one and it’s one of the most creative stories I’ve read. Filled with Anne’s imagination which enchants the reader.

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