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About the book: 


Does true love ever die? Is an exciting career alone enough to provide life-long satisfaction? If faith in God is lost, can belief in Him be regained?


Rebekah Stone is an ambitious Texas small-town reporter who aspires to make it big in the journalism world, and she doesn’t have time for anyone to distract her from reaching her goals.

Then, her first and only true love Joel Foster—the ex-fiancé who deserted her nine years ago—walks back into her life and not only asks for her hand in marriage again, but also asks her to exchange her journalism career for the lifestyle of a homemaker. 

He shakes her world further when he returns as a “Jesus Freak” who tries to change her religious views, even though he knows horrific events that happened when she was 17 caused her to stop believing in God.

Her high school sweetheart’s return forces Rebekah to decide what brings her true happiness, and makes her question what is more important: a fulfilling career or someone you love?  She also wonders if maybe she should change her “Just Say No to God” mantra.

These are the tough choices Rebekah struggles with as she sorts through memories and complex emotions that have developed over a span of a decade, and as she encounters the rewards and consequences that arise when love is lost and then renewed.


Love, Texas – Population 2 is a Christian contemporary romance novel.  It was inspired by the true story of the author reuniting with her first love; working as a small-town newspaper reporter and photographer; and traveling the dynamic path of her faith journey.  The novel is set in the years spanning 1987-1999, and the chapters transition back and forth between showing Rebekah and Joel in the “present day” as young adults, to the couple as teens in their high school years.





 About the Author: 

Melinda Freeland’s novelist aspirations began not long after she learned to read and write, but she’s come a long way since penning her first story about Mr. & Mrs. Texas Toast at age 8.  Love, Texas – Population 2 is her debut novel.

Melinda lives in scenic Canyon Lake, Texas, with her handsome husband, two great kids, and her lovable Pug.  Some of her favorite pastimes are watching at least one drama or comedy DVD a week; spending time with family and friends; listening to a wide-genre of music; and reading novels and biographies.   

Readers can connect with Melinda on her website and various social media sites.

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Where to find the book: 

For an autographed paperback copy mailed to you with free shipping and handling, you can visit Melinda’s website and pay online with any major credit card or PayPal:

You can also visit Melinda’s Amazon Author Page to purchase a print or Kindle copy:

If you live in Texas near New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, or Bulverde / Spring Branch, you can find Melinda’s book in the local libraries of those three cities. 

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