Spotlight Shining on Author Tabitha Bouldin

About the book: 

All Faith wanted was to get home to her children. It seemed as if everything conspired against her…even the mountain. As the road washed away, cutting off her only means of getting home, Faith became desperate to find another way. Kane took one look and knew Faith would do anything to return home. His contacts with the military could help…he could help. 

What started out as a mission, quickly became a love deeper than either of them ever dreamed. But when Kane is called back into duty, it could tear them apart for good.

About the author:

Growing up in a small rural town surrounded by mountains, Tabitha developed a love of nature and animals. She has currently published four books and hopes to continue a long career as a writer. For the last year, Tabitha has been pursuing her BA in creative writing while homeschooling her two boys. She is a devout Christian and seeks to show others God’s love through her writing.

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