Staying Healthy in the New Year 3

How’s everyone doing with their goals?

Remember: the key is to make one simple choice each week and add it to the choices you’ve already made. If you’re not ready to add a new goal, that’s okay. Continue with the ones you’ve already chosen, but set a goal to add a new habit the next week.

Note: it takes 21 days of consistent work to create a habit, so after three weeks, the choice should easily become a part of your lifestyle.

Last week I wrote out a list of food choices. This week it’s exercise. Mix and match  exercise and good choices as you go through the year.

  1. Walk three times a week for thirty minutes.
  2. Change the thirty minutes a day three times a week to four times a week.
  3. Pick up an exercise DVD and use it several times a week. I’ve found some great ones at Wal-Mart.
  4. If you can, join your local gym and go twice a week. Spend 30 minutes on the cardio machines and 30 minutes on the weight machines.
  5. Increase your gym attendance by one day making it three times a week.
  6. During the spring and summer months, find hiking paths available and go walking for an hour with a friend once a week.

Note:  For many seniors, their secondary insurance covers a gym membership. Look into it. Around my part of the country, it’s the Silver Sneakers program.

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