Staying Healthy in the New Year

If you’re like me, I make a new year’s resolution to eat better and exercise, but by the third week of January, I’m discouraged and ready to quit. Help! Why should I bother? After all, the scales haven’t changed a bit since January 1st.

But don’t despair. There’s hope. If I can do it, so can you.

First make a promise to yourself that you won’t starve or spend eight hours a day at the gym. Then get started in earnest.

I’ve found if I take baby steps, I don’t get as discouraged. Begin by making simple changes.

For example, maybe you’ll decide to walk three times a week for thirty minutes. That’s it. It’s not too hard, but the secret is—stick with it. Do it faithfully three times a week. The key is deciding on one small step and faithfully doing it.


I promise after a week of consistently working at your new step to good health, you’ll feel better about yourself and will experience the satisfaction of success.


Then next week, make a second choice and add it to the one from the first week. It’s okay to go for several weeks without adding a new goal. If you’re not ready, just stick with week one’s choice. Hopefully by week three or four, you’ll select an additional good habit. Nudge yourself a bit. Each week, keep track of what you’ve decided. Use a journal or a chart. It’s fun! 


PS – If you must weigh yourself, do it only once a week.

Next week: a list of suggested choices you might like to make

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