Stuck in a Blackberry Bush

When my kids were young, my husband was in the army. When my daughter Kelly was about seven, we were stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. The area is surrounded by towering lush Douglas fir, sparkling lakes and streams, and blackberry bushes. Blackberry plants have sharp thorns, and it’s easy to get scratched.

One day, my youngest daughter Susan ran into the house saying Kelly was caught in a blackberry bush. I rushed out to the edge of the forested area near our house on base. Sure enough, Kelly was held captive by the ferocious spikes. She had only wanted to taste one of the juicy berries that grew between the prickly spikes.

In no time, I helped Kelly get free. I had her take off her sweater which had mostly come in contact with the bush. Once she slipped out of that, she was free, and we eventually retrieved her sweater.

This morning I thought about how this is how we humans are. We get ourselves in the worst predicaments, but God, like a patient, loving Father, frees us from our calamities. He’s our Father, and He’s God.

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