Forgiveness is a popular subject among Christians and in devotionals. It’s easy to talk about but not so simple to do. But for the Christian to forgive is vital. In fact, God may not forgive us of our wrongdoings, if we can’t forgive others. “If you forgive others the wrongs they have done to you, …

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One Day Jesus

Last week I sat down to read my Daily Bread devotional. The scripture began in Luke 11. I started reading verse one. “One day Jesus…” I couldn’t read any farther. The words “one day Jesus” continue to reverberate in my mind. I said the words over and over. Verse one of Luke 11 precedes the …

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No Condemnation

I’m not sure why it seems to happen more now than ever.  “You made a mistake when you chose your house. The one on the other side of town would’ve been better, but it’s too late now.” Or “You didn’t witness to your friend when you had the chance. Now, it won’t happen.” So on …

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