Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Read a Thanksgiving-themed Book

Finding a cover for A Harvest of Blessings was a challenge. I needed a middle aged couple who were involved in something they did together in the story.

I found pictures of couples biking, hiking, and partying. Since Nadia and Jared didn’t do any of that in the novel, I couldn’t use them.

Other pictures showed happy couples involved in different projects, but the guy and the girl weren’t the right age.

Finally, persistence paid off. I found a picture of a couple painting a house. Yea! One Sunday afternoon, Jared rounded up some paint he’d stored in his shed and arrived at Nadia’s house armed with a drop cloth, paint brushes, and the paint. Together the two of them got a few walls painted.

Only thing, they painting a couple of walls only scratched the surface on the needed repairs. One other problem: Jared had a hard time concentrating. He couldn’t take his eyes off Nadia.




Where to find A Harvest of Blessings

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