The Blessing of a New House

For quite a few years, my husband and I lived in a tiny space about 350 square feet. The good news was we could change the front and backyards anytime we wanted. That’s right. We lived and traveled in an RV. It was a ton of fun, but I’ll be honest, after a couple of years, our living quarters felt cramped.

So, when we decided to settle down in Cullman, Alabama and buy a new house, I felt like a queen living in our 2600 square-foot house.

God has blessed us immensely.

Someone else I know lived in a 10,000 square foot home until she got married.

She’s not actually a real person but a character in The Inn at Cranberry Cove—Ashton Price. She owns and manages the B&B her aunt left to her before Aunt Gina passed away. Let’s talk to her.

Ashton, what was your greatest obstacle in running the inn?

“Hi folks, first, learning the operation of a bread and breakfast. Later, I fell in love but at the same time had to deal with troublesome guests whom I suspected weren’t who they said they were. Finally, my boyfriend, James Atwood, and I had to discover the location of jewels hidden in the inn before the unethical guests found them first.

Read Ashton and James’ story in the Selah award winning book, The Inn at Cranberry Cove, book one in the series.

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