The Day My Computer Died

“Lord, how can I work on my WIP if my computer crashed? Thank you for reminding me to backup everything the night before.” That was my cry in the spring of 2013. Despite McAfee, my computer became infested with so many viruses it had to go immediately to the computer doctor.

A few days before, one of my smart and talented critique partners had advised me to make some changes with the heroine in Misty Hollow. It would require a lot of thought, planning, and some rewrites on the first third of the story I’d already written. So, the day I didn’t have my computer, I worked at my kitchen table plotting my novel again and rethinking Molly Cambridge. Ideas poured into my brain in this new environment, and I feel the story has been greatly improved.

Oh, if I could only trust Him more instead of panicking. “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9. “I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own, it is not for man to direct his steps.” Jeremiah 10:23

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  1. There are times when I panic first and then, remember to pray instead of praying right away. That is the human nature. God has a plan. I, too, wish I would trust Him more instead of being full of panic. 🙂

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