The Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of this World: The Stark Contrast

I recently interviewed a person who does the same job as the hero in my next novel. I wanted to understand what life is like for my character, so I spoke to a real live person in the profession.

Most people I deal with are Christians who hold a similar worldview as I. But that day God gave me opportunity to speak to an avowed Atheist, as this person claimed to be. When a chance like this comes along, I ask the Lord to allow me to be light and salt to the one who hasn’t met the Savior yet.

This day, I had a chance to learn how one Atheist thinks about life. This person held to the belief that there is no God, no Satan or hell, and no Heaven. Sarcasm dripping from his voice, he lumped all Christians in one basket—narrow-minded, bigoted, judgmental, rigid, and ridiculous. According to him, Christ followers never enjoy life and try to impose their beliefs on others. It was all I could do to keep my mouth from dropping open. His open animosity toward the Lord smacked me in the face. 

I had an opportunity to say a few things in defense of the Lord, but not much. This person was a talker, his language laced with profanities, and I couldn’t get a word in.

Afterward, my heart broke for this man. The enemy has thoroughly deceived him. The Lord allowed me to see him as He does. He loves this person, and His heart is broken as well. 

I think of all the precious Christian people I know. The contrast between God’s people and the enemy’s is disturbing. Christians, keep on praying, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  

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