The Tale of Three Pennies

Many years ago, when my granddaughter Nicole was just about three, we visited her and all the grandkids in El Paso, Texas. At the time, my husband and I were traveling in our RV. Our house was rented out so the RV was our home. It was a great life, almost like being on a permanent vacation.

So, when we showed up at the grandkids’ home, they were excited to see Grandma and Grandpa because they hadn’t seen us in a while. After a week’s visit, Grandma and Grandpa were ready to hit the road again. Nicole appeared with something in her hand. “Here, Grandma. This is for you.” She held out her hand with three pennies in her palm. No doubt she’d been saving up. I placed them in a plastic container for safekeeping.

Nicole with her new puppy, strangely enough, named Penny

Fast forward twenty years. I found the case in one of my drawers. As I gazed at the coins, I realized how important those pennies were. Nicole gave something of value to me as three pennies had been a lot to her. To be able to hold the same coins from years ago brought joy as they were such a great reminder. Those coins are worth more than many dollar bills now because they came from my granddaughter. What perspective the coins offered. Family means more than monetary things. Memories are more valuable than a bank account.

Thank you, Nicole, for your gift of three pennies.

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