Truth from John 14

The Lord doesn’t want me to worry over anything. He asks me to take a different perspective, one the world doesn’t understand or endorse. He asks me to believe in God and that Jesus is preparing a glorious future for me. This life isn’t the end. In fact, the next will be so wonderful, my present circumstances pale in the light of it.

Jesus promises to come back for me and take me to the place He’s prepared. That alone brings me joy. If I know Jesus as my best friend and my Savior, then I know the way to God. The concept is so simple, yet the world can’t and won’t embrace the Truth.

My dear Lord Jesus even offers to do whatever I ask in His name. My heart tells me this applies to the spiritual things that honor the Kingdom of God. 

I need not fear that I will be left as an orphan because Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit as an advocate to help me live for Him. He left His peace with me. He even commanded me not to be afraid.

I have all confidence that the Father will love me because Jesus Himself loves me. I love Jesus and at the same time I have the responsibility to obey his teaching. When I do, I know that I have the Lord living within me. What an amazing concept that the God who created all things would care enough to come and dwell with me.

I look around and wish I could see Jesus with my physical eyes, but He had to go to the Father. I shouldn’t be surprised when the prince of this world shows up. Because he has no hold over Jesus, he has no hold over me either. That’s reason enough to shout praises to the Savior of the world.

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  1. Lovely post June. I really appreciate how you used John 14 to remind us to trust in the Lord. We can live without fear when we put all our trust in God.

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