Tumbling Into Love

I discovered Gail Gaymer Martin’s books when I first started writing Christian fiction. I especially enjoyed her “how to” book on writing the Christian romance.

Tumbling into Love gets my endorsement. Claire Howard is traveling across the Southwest with her friend when disaster strikes. But it’s not all bad as she meets the intriguing Trevor Brielle in the process.

After rescuing Claire from a potentially deadly situation, Trevor offers Clair transportation resulting in a side trip through the Big Horn Mountains, Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park.

Here’s the exciting thing for me. I am at an RV park at the base of the Big Horns and recently toured Cody and Yellowstone. As Clair and Trevor traveled from place to place, I could picture their exact route. Especially in Yellowstone when they saw Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Gail’s stories are filled with fun and sweet romance.


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