Walking By Faith

In The Long Way Home, the hero, David Maguire learns what real faith is. He has no other choice when kidnappers leave him and the heroine for dead in a Pennsylvania forest.

Walking by Faith

In II Corinthians 5:7, the Bible says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight. In my case, the Lord usually says no or wait. That’s been the norm for most of my Christian life. And that’s okay. He’s the sovereign, all-knowing God.

Lately, I’ve lifted a lot of prayers up to the Lord and in many cases, I’ve received a glorious yes. Which of course delights me, but it’s also got me thinking. Thinking about not just the answered prayer, but my feelings and my faith before the prayer was answered.

The period of time before we get an answer, be it yes, no, or wait, is precious, special but hard to describe. It’s a place of intimacy, trust, and unexpected peace. Peace that only God can provide. It’s a magnificent position in which to stand. A unique relationship with the Creator. We don’t possess the object of our request yet, and furthermore, we don’t know if it will ever come, but still we walk in hope, spurred on by our faith. Hope that we’ll attain the desire of our heart, though God may change what that is.

We are content in knowing that whatever God says, whatever we have or don’t have, the God of the universe is in control and knows my needs. He hears and answers according to my best interested because I’m His child He dearly loves. Whatever answer I receive is enough. I can walk in peace and joy. That’s walking by faith.

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