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I love to hear the story behind the stories author’s create. Here’s Joi’s!

One day, my niece, Faithe Long, called me up. She asked me if I would write a story about a dancer. My sweet eleven year old niece loves to dance and has for several years. How could I say no? Faith to Dance was born.  Because I find it a bit creepy to write a romance story based on my niece, I opted to use her as a child instead of an adult.

And so, Faith to Dance was born. I really enjoyed writing this novella. As a matter of fact, it didn’t take me long to write it at all.  After Faithe gave me the suggestion, I ran with it. I laughed a lot writing this story. I don’t want to give it away, but there are so many funny things that happen in this book. I found myself cracking up. This is definitely one of my favorite novellas I’ve written. I have my precious niece to thank for it! 😊


More about the book: 

Drew Erickson has a devastating loss. Six years later, he still fears of the one thing hebelieves robbed him of joy.When his family decides to get involved, he isforced to face his fears.

Renee McCarthy mourned the loss of her parents by doing the one thing her heart desired: opening her own dance studio. When Faith and Hope enter her life, her world is changed forever.





About the author: 

Joi Copeland is married to a wonderful man, Chris, and has three amazing boys. She is living the dream in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Joi loves being a wife and mom and also enjoys spending time with friends over a good cup of coffee or tea. She’s been a Christian for over twenty years. God has called her and her family overseas, and she hopes to make her home in Ireland by 2019.






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