Welcome author Kris Brown

About the book: 

Patty Dalke has been through the worst. In an effort to reclaim her self-worth and faith, she heads to the quaint town of Abbotsford, Wisconsin.

Arriving in Abbotsford, she begins to restore her broken spirit by doing what she loves, cooking. Patty opens a pizza place in a space she shares with the local knitting club, Cathy’s Klickers, and forms fast friendships with the close-knit group. Patty discovers what she never expects to find in a small town – love.

Edgar Ellington, a dashing actor in town to film a movie happens upon Patty at her restaurant. Soon sparks fly.
But will Patty’s jealous ex-husband and Edgar’s trust issues put the end to the budding romance?

​In this heartwarming tale, Patty finds her faith restored and a family of friends and love.

About the author: 

 Kris A. Brown resides in beautiful Northeast Wisconsin.

When she’s not writing, she loves reading, Bible studies, everything to do with Christmas, hiking in the woods and playing with her Ragdoll kitty Jingles.

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