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I’m so excited to host Nathan Maki today. He’s talking about his new release, but there’s more. The proceeds from his book will be put to a very good cause. I’ll let him explain. 

What would it be like to be chained to the Apostle Paul for the last years of his life?

As I read the end of the Book of Acts, that question fired my imagination, and The Keeper’s Crown is the result. This story is based on the later life and martyrdom of the Apostle Paul as seen through the eyes of Quintus, the young Roman soldier chained to Paul to keep him. Picking up where the Book of Acts leaves off, The Keeper’s Crown pieces together the rest of Paul’s story from his words in the Epistles and the writings of early church historians.

This book offers action, adventure, and romance, along with a tour of Paul’s world. Dive into the riot in the Temple, ride out the storm on the Mediterranean, hear Paul’s testimony before kings and Emperor Nero himself, and smell the smoke and feel the flames of the Great Fire of Rome. 

I am selling this book for a cause. Not just to put a quality book in the hands of believers and non-believers alike, but also to raise money for two worthy causes. The first is Hope for Orphans – Congo, a charity started by my parents that provides food, clothing, shelter, and education for orphans in Congo. And the second is our church’s Sunday School breakfast program, through which my wife and other ladies provide a hot breakfast every week for disadvantaged kids who come to church hungry.

I’ll be honest, once I envisioned this novel as my break-out novel; the one where I might actually make some money! But when God told me in prayer to give this book and all its profits to Him through these kids, I could hardly refuse, because the theme of The Keeper’s Crown is godly success through obedience to God regardless of the results.

Some would view Paul’s life as a failure, going from the pinnacle of Jewish society to a dungeon below Rome and finally to the executioner’s block.

But not Paul.

And certainly not Christ.

That’s why Paul could write from that dungeon to Timothy,

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”

My hope and prayer is that this book will encourage each of us in our own way to follow in Paul’s footsteps.





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Readers, don’t miss the launch party. 

Join Nathan Monday, April 2 between 11 am and 3 pm  for his Facebook launch party, with author Q and A, trivia and games, a pictorial tour of Rome from his most recent visit, hourly e-book giveaways, and two grand prizes of signed Proof copies of my book (only 5 proofs were ever printed). https://www.facebook.com/NathanDMaki/ is where it’s all happening.





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