Welcome Back Lynne Tagawa

This week let’s talk about your novel, Lynne. Tell us about your story. Where is it set and is there a spiritual message?


When I first constructed the scaffolding in my mind that eventually became A Twisted Strand, I wanted to embed the truth of Scripture as the real meaning of the tale. The theme, the core, the backbone.


I’d read theological novels in which a certain doctrine was explained in the course of the story. Those books inspired me, and I thought I’d tackle the relationship of the law of Moses to the gospel in a user-friendly way. Somehow my story evolved.


My protagonists are facing a man-made virus. They are also a divorced couple, struggling with the emotions engendered by past sins. The law and the gospel challenge both of them—first, to become right with God, and second, with each other. The theme of reconciliation becomes paramount. But then, the Apostle Paul calls the gospel the “ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Cor 5:18)

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