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I hope you enjoyed Marina’s devotional from last week. Let’s get to know her.

About Marina: 

A bond-servant of Jesus Christ, Marina is wife to Mark, mom to 3 adult kids, and “Gramma” to 10 grands. She spends her days packing (or unpacking) and moving around the South and Midwest,but would rather capture photos of God’s creation and her family, or make memories with her grands. She loves all art forms, but is passionate about Missionary Care Ministry, and loves to encourage others to love on their own favorite missionaries.  In her spare time she writes at her blog Marina’s Kitchen Table, and daily posts devotional encouragement to her Facebook page of the same name, as well as The Workaholic’s Wife, and Women Helping in Missions. She is a Virtual Assistant(VA) for DaySpring co-founder and writer Roy Lessin over at Meeting in the Meadow.




On Being a Friend

By Marina Bromley, Marina’s Kitchen Table


But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith, pray in the power of the Holy Spirit,and await the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will bring you eternal life. In this way, you will keep yourselves safe in God’s love.

Jude 20-21 (NLT)

In all the moving around I’ve done, I’ve had seasons of feast and famine in the friendship area. It’s easy to say “To have a friend, be a friend,” but there were years where it seemed there were no “kindred spirits” to connect with around my neighborhood, church, or town.

If you can imagine we had no social media, no internet, and had to pay for each phone call made out of our local area! If we were lucky we would get to see our closest friends when we went back to visit family members. We missed watching each other’s kids grow up, and sometimes life happened so fast we just lost track of each other.

Still, no matter how much time passed, when we sat down on a late night phone call, or did get to see each other face-to-face, it was like time had stood still, and we picked life right back up where we left it.

There’s nothing like a “dear friend.”

Jude gives clear instructions on how to treat these “dear friends” in this passage. He has just given reason as to who we shouldn’t hang around with in the earlier verses. Then he gives this declaration of how we should be treating each other in the Body of Christ.

These are important traits that are benchmarks for our friendships today too. We will:

Build each other up in faith —being willing to meet wherever we are in our faith walk and continually point towards a closer walk with God.

Pray for each other in the power of the Holy Spirit —and not wait for a prayer request to come down the prayer chain or gossip about what we *think* needs to be prayed about. This also takes an element of trusting our friends with our prayer needs. Too often I hear from someone who has already had surgery, or is contemplating divorce, when their closest friends could have been praying for and ministering to them during these difficult seasons of life.

Await the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ —encouraging each other when we struggle in our faith and sharing scriptural truth to build them back up.

My personal prayer is that as much as I want “friends” to have lunch with, walk our neighborhood with, and go to church with, or far away friends who will help me remember my younger days of adventure, I will have “dear friend” relationships that mirror Jude’s exhortation.


©2018 Marina Bromley, Marina’s Kitchen Table. Used with permission.



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    1. Hello Melissa! I’m enjoying being here, and hope to get to know some of y’all too!! If you enjoy my devotional style, I’ll start writing over at my Facebook page, Marina’s Kitchen Table soon (I’m slacking for the month of July!).

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