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This week we’re focusing on Lynne’s research. What kind of research did you do? Are there any behind the scenes fun facts we should know?



A Twisted Strand is a romantic suspense novel involving a genetically engineered virus. Okay, so this virus doesn’t really exist, but what about basic science? Is such a thing possible?


As a biology teacher, I knew that some degree of genetic engineering is possible—and even practical. Human insulin used by diabetics comes from bacteria that have been tricked into manufacturing this protein. That technology has existed for a long time. But before I tackled this novel, I didn’t know much more than the average person. Thanks to Google, I discovered interesting things, many of which my readers will discover too.


What I found more difficult was describing the law enforcement aspect. One of my main characters is an FBI agent. Did Don carry a gun? I mean, I’ll bet most of the folks who go to work in that cream-colored FBI building on the north side of town don’t strap on a holster every day.


Then there were all the jurisdictional boundaries. And the Center for Disease Control and Prevention—still called the CDC. Care to pull up a chart of all the departments and sub departments? It was a challenge to include enough information to make it all realistic without boring the reader to death.


The locations are real. Even the Highlander modeled after my girlfriend’s vehicle, and the restaurant, which has awesome steak tacos. But my characters never get their food because . . . 











Lynne’s book: http://tinyurl.com/y8a54tj4

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