What Does It Mean To Be a Christian?

Being a Christian means I carry the name of my Savior Jesus Christ who’s birth we celebrate in December. But what did He save me from? An eternity without Him.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean following a set of rules or rituals. It doesn’t entail having to do a certain number of good deeds or say a given number of prayers. It doesn’t mean I have to go to church on certain days and contribute a specified amount of money. Doing good deeds, saying prayers and giving of one’s money is great, but that doesn’t make me a Christian.

You see, I’m a sinner who can’t please God in my own strength. I’ll always come up short no matter how hard I try. I deserve punishment for the wrong I’ve done. But Jesus took the punishment that I deserved when He died on a cross two thousand years ago. He invites me to acknowledge Him as Savor and Lord over my life. If I reach out and receive this free gift, I can be assured I’ll spend all eternity in His presence.

It would be as if you got caught speeding and went to the courthouse to pay your fine. The judge tells you that the fine has already been paid. You’re free to go. That’s a picture of what Jesus did for us. Paid the fine and asked nothing in return.

Are you a Christian? If not, I invite you to accept God’s free gift of His son Jesus Christ.

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