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Welcome to the WhiteFire Publishing Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve just discovered the hunt, be sure to go back to stop #1 and collect all the clues in order. Once you have them all, you’ll have uncovered a secret message. Turn that in at the final stop for a chance to win one of THREE amazing prize packages!

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  • The Hunt begins at Roseanna White’s site
  • Take your time! You have all weekend to complete the Hunt—entries will be counted until Monday June 26—so have fun reading all the posts along the way and getting to know each author
  • Lots of extra prizes! Many of the authors are featuring unique giveaways as well, for even more chances to win!
  • Submit your entry for the grand prizes back at Roseanna White’s blog.

Ryan’s Father

Ryan’s Father is the story of a young man with same sex attractions. Since he’s committed his life to Christ, he desires to live by God’s Word and believes the Bible when it tells him homosexuality isn’t in the Creator’s plan for His image bearers.

I wrote Ryan’s Father for those who want to leave the lifestyle, who aren’t comfortable there or they, like Ryan, are Christians and seek freedom.

Homosexuality is a vicious taskmaster and doesn’t give up on its prey easily. The first step in finding freedom is deciding in your heart that it is a sin. That’s a harsh word, I realize, but it’s no greater sin than murder, adultery, lying, or gluttony.

I recently watched “The Moment After II” by Affirm Films. In this end-time thriller, Global Alliance viciously murders a humble, godly pastor. Two of the pastor’s friends are discussing the injustice and one falls on his knees in anger saying he would like to kill the tyrants who took the life of his friend. Then an amazing thing happens. He rises to his feet, abandoning his emotion and proclaims, “In the Word God says vengeance is Mine. I choose to forgive.” Now the character no longer bitterly cries out but walks away in peace.

I suppose in real life, emotions don’t dissolve this quickly, but the point is—the character had a deep emotional response to his friend’s death, one that evoked anger and the desire to commit murder. But in the end, he chose another course of action.

I equate the events in this scene to how a person can find freedom in Christ and as a result, freedom from homosexuality. One’s deep emotional response communicates one course of action, but if that response is against what God says in His word, we have the freedom to turn away and walk according to the Truth. I’m not intimating that it’s easy. I’m saying it’s possible. But I believe the bottom line is choosing to trust what God says and sticking to it.

My prayer is for many who believe they’re trapped in the sin will come to the truth. There is freedom in the Lord. God bless you.

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Clue to Write Down: Laughter

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Ryan’s first passion in life is to love and serve God. The second threatens to unhinge him.


The winner will receive an autographed paper copy of Ryan’s Father. 

Second place and third place winners will get a complimentary ecopy of Ryan’s Father.




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  3. Wow, June. That’s a tough issue to tackle. You are a brave lady.
    I’m so glad you’re taking that stance though. I think we as Christians tend to go to one extreme or the other, either “you’re a heathen and gross don’t touch me.” or “God loves everybody so it’s okay” and neither of those are the Biblical answer. Yes, it is a sin, but just like you said, so is lying, cheating, adultery, etc. We’ve all sinned and we all need Christ.
    Praying your book can touch many lives.

    1. Amber, thanks for the comment. I received several comments from gay activists on Amazon saying I was homophobic. (The comments are still there.) But I believe if they’d actually read Ryan’s Father, they would’ve found a much different viewpoint. As you pointed out, homosexuality is no worse or no better than murder, adultery. even gossip. We all stand in need of a Savior which is the point I tried to bring out in Ryan’s Father.

      1. Thank you Christina. My prayers go out for all who struggle with this issue. There is hope in our mighty God.

  4. Sonnetta Jones

    This is one of the topics that is discussed in my church. We actually have a Purity Ministry to deal with all kinds of sexual addiction.
    It is a tough subject but it needs to be discussed. I feel that we focused so much on the sin than the person who is a son/ daughter of God that needs reconciliation with his/her Father

  5. Dynal, I’m so sorry. The rafflecopter just expired. Not sure if you were able to enter that. If you’re interested in Ryan’s Father, you can find it on Amazon. Check out the link above. The Lord’s blessings, June

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