Why do I worship Him?

Silhouette of a man with hands raised in the sunset concept for religion, worship, prayer and praise

I gazed at the cloudy sky and pondered the question. A simple question yet profound. Why?

I worship Him because He created me and gave me eternal life. I had a beginning, but He didn’t. He’s always been. He’s the great I Am. He lives in unapproachable light.

I worship Him because He’s perfect. I can trust Him, and He doesn’t change. He’ll always lead me in the Way of Truth if I’ll only listen and wait for Him.

I worship Him because He is Deity. There is no one else like him. No one more powerful or able. No one more loving or gracious. No one more merciful.

Though I am a flawed, sinful person, I worship Him because He opened a Way to His presence. In myself, I can never please Him, but God doesn’t see my sins any longer. Jesus is the Way. God sent Him as a substitute, to received the punishment I deserve.

I worship Him because when I leave this earth, it’s only the beginning. I will spend all eternity in His presence. In delight, in joy, and in worship. And how long will that be? I can’t fathom it. I just know it is for all eternity.

As I pondered these thoughts, it became more clear. I attend church generally every Sunday and Wednesday and the reason is plain. I worship One who has made all the difference.

“We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have one.” Psalm 75:1

Dear Lord, You alone are worthy of my praise. Help me to draw nearer to You each day. Amen.

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