Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Several months ago, I began listening to the chronological version of the Bible. Last week the plan led me on a journey through the book of Isaiah. I wasn’t so sure I’d understand much of the prophesies I knew were there, but I lent my ear to the narrator’s words.

Hmm. Hezekiah. King of Judah. Jerusalem. Threats from the king of Assyria. God’s people always seemed to get themselves into trouble. Wait. We in American aren’t much different. I listened on as the narrator read Isaiah 37 and 38.

In these chapters, King Hezekiah is ill, and Jerusalem suffers threats from the king of Assyria. What seemed so familiar? I continued to listen to the chapter. Chills raced my spine. The situation paralleled my own.

Hezekiah was in danger of losing his life. I’m praying for a loved one who was diagnosed with cancer, yet I’m believing this person is healed.

Judah was in danger of attack from Assyria who had also ridiculed their living God. Many in my nation of the United States ridicule God, and believers are in danger of losing their freedoms.

The events in Isaiah sounded familiar. Things haven’t changed much.

So, what was the end of the story? Hezekiah went up to the temple of the Lord to pray. Later the Lord destroyed the Assyrian camp and gave Hezekiah fifteen more years to live.

I’m doing the same as Hezekiah. Praying. Perhaps the Lord will give my loved one fifteen more years to live, and perhaps we’ll see the Name of the Lord praised and honored in our beloved country.

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