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Where God has the answers

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Where God has the answers. That seemed to be the theme

of my stories as I began the writing journey. But what were the questions?
In January 2010, I embarked on an exciting adventure of writing novels which feature characters, mostly Christian, who struggle with the common issues we all face in our daily lives. Anger, obesity, shop-a-holism, to name a few. Yes, each have questions but best of all they find answers which reflect Truth—

June Foster

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In lieu of making resolutions, every year around the first of January, I ask God what I need to focus on for the next three hundred sixty-five days. Most years I jot…

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Two Pictures

Contrasts. They’re everywhere. The bare trees, yellow grass, and dark skies of winter are eventually followed by the sunny, green days of summer featuring full, leafy trees and colorful flowers. A majestic…

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If you are a follower of the Messiah Jesus Christ and have trusted Him for salvation, then you celebrate the resurrection of our Lord every Easter with over two billion people. That’s…

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A Home in Cranberry Cove

Book 4

Madison Mitchell will never trust a man again. The love of her life broke her heart and married a French chef. Now she throws herself into her work at The Inn at Cranberry Cove. When she accidentally tangles with the manager of a nearby fishing supply store, she suspects the handsome guy is hiding something.

Micah Collins flees Sacramento seeking solace in the seaside village in Washington state. But he discovers an enemy has followed him to Cranberry Cove. He must endure frightful threats at the same time keeping his previous life secret. When Madison finds herself in danger, Micah blames himself.

Madison and Micah are haunted by someone from Micah’s past, but is the culprit the real enemy or should they look elsewhere? Will they find a future together?

Small Town Danger collection now available

Danger In Cranberry Cove

Danger In Cranberry Cove is part of the exciting Small Town Danger anthology

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The Inn at Cranberry Cove, winner in the Selah Contest for Christian Writers, is on Amazon’s top 100 list

Now Available in hardback

Love Found In Cranberry Cove is a finalist
The Inn at Cranberry Cove
A Home in Cranberry Cove and Christmas in Cranberry Cove

Reviews for The Inn at Cranberry Cove:

“What a great mystery. The author kept me guessing through the whole book. I really liked the characters. James drowned his grief in work. Ashton was determined to keep her aunt’s dream going. They both realized they were missing something when they had been away from church for a while and decided to return. Mayor Fernsby and Mrs. Babbage were also great characters. I loved the way this book turned out and would recommend it.” -Susan Johnson

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Reader’s Thoughts

A Home in Cranberry Cove

This was a sweet story of love, grief, danger, illness, regret, personal loss and gain, finding salvation in Jesus, and new beginnings. June has an easy and fun way of bringing it all together to a perfect ending.”


Dreams Deferred

“I was so excited to get the chance to read this story. I love family history and this being a retelling of the authors great grandparents romance was a sure book for me! I was raised Catholic and always questioned why priests and nuns had to take vows of celibacy….
I truly enjoyed Matt and Mary Louise’s love story!”

~Paula Marie~

A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

“Mistaken identity, trying to keep secrets, learning to trust and have faith are just some of the powerful situations found in this great story by author June Foster. Each person in the story is on their own faith journey. Life can bring surprises in many ways, including learning how twins can be different and still have similarities. I enjoyed this story.”

~Melissa Henderson~

“Out of pain and problems have come the sweetest songs, and the most gripping stories.”

Billy Graham

Featured Books

When a stalker terrifies Gracie and sends written threats, Blake remains by her side, refusing to return to Seattle until she’s safe.

Book 2 in The Cranberry Cove Series

Are there century old gems hidden in Ashton’s late aunt’s B &B?

Book 1 in The Cranberry Cove Series

Juliette Duplay, the new executive chef at the inn
can’t escape danger even in the small community of Cranberry Cove.

Book 3 in The Cranberry Cove Series

Madison and Micah are haunted by someone from Micah’s past, but is the culprit the real enemy or should they look elsewhere? Will they find a future together?

Book 4 in The Cranberry Cove Series

A gold rush novella

The rippling influence of Ryan Reid’s less than moral mother and absent father made a mark on his soul. Yet everything changed when the young schoolteacher accepted Christ—almost everything.

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31