14 thoughts on “Fall Giveaway

  • Sonnetta Jones

    I love the display of colors that ushers in fall. It makes you want to soak up every moment.

  • Kathy

    The cooler temps and seeing God’s masterpieces with the change of colors.

  • kris brown

    I love walking through the leaves and the anticipation of the holidays ahead:-)

  • Cindy Aimes

    The cooler temperatures are great camping weather which means more family times.

    • junefoster

      So true, Cindy. The more years I live, the more I realize family time is so valuable.

  • junefoster

    From Facebook
    Dorothy Higginbotham
    Love fall ,punkins and gourds,You can see blessings all around,Thanks to our God

  • junefoster

    From Facebook
    Lynndel Messmore
    I love the beautiful colors Fall brings

  • junefoster

    From Facebook

    April Mccay
    Fall is my favorite season of all,
    From the changing leaves
    To the cooler breeze,
    Fall is my favorite season of all

  • junefoster

    From Facebook
    Patty Elledge
    It’s full of beautiful leaves that makes me think God is in control of all things. 😇

  • I Love Leaves colors changing, it’s my jeans and Sweater Season, hot drinks and stews and chilli ! Comfort Foods!!
    Linda Marie Finn

  • Dolores Najar

    Another reason to be grateful to God. He created the seasons-each with its own splash of splendor and wonder. Fall brings color to life. Our own love colors are revived and joy enhanced!

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