A Peek Into Almond Street Mission

Almond Street Mission In doing research for Almond Street Mission, I discovered Mike Yankoski. Mike is a writer and speaker with a MA in theology.. Mike went homeless for five months, hoping to better understand and minister to those on the street. In his book Under the Overpass, he describes how he ate out of […]

A Peek Into: Almond Street Mission

The characters: Glorilyn Neilson – the young teacher whose brother goes missing. One evening she’s attacked in the alley by a large, burly vagrant.       Caleb Jeremiah Goodman – handsome, mysterious homeless man  who saves Glorilyn from the potential rape       Aldo Beam – drug addict.  Trying to save Aldo, Caleb […]

A Peek Into: Prescription for Romance

Scott Townsend and Stephanie McCoy learned the true meaning of Christmas in Prescription of Romance.       Presents, trees, stockings, and gifts are great fun and draw us together as friends and family. But the real reason is the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ who came into the world to redeem all of […]