Wyoming is a geologist’s haven. The Big Horns are rich in opportunities to explore  land forms, rock formations, and creatures that once roamed out earth.    Between Shell and Gray Bull, Wyoming, is evidence of dinosaur tracks housed at Red Gulch Dinosaur Track Site.       This is a dinosaur track embedded in the earth. […]

RVing in Wyoming

You may be tired of hearing about my adventure last summer in Wyoming. And how I created my characters for my new story, A Home For Fritz, based on many of the lovely people I met there.  But I can’t leave out the wranglers.   Why? Because my hero in the story is a wrangler.    Garrett […]

Go RV’ing

Watch for everything RV’ing on Wednesdays in 2018. Why do I dare tackle this subject? My husband and I RV’ed for most of the last 18 years. Part time and full time. So I consider myself an expert!! Have you recently bought an RV or traveled for a while? Wednesdays on my blog are for […]