The Characters from A Harvest of Blessings

I’m not sure about other authors, but I have to have pictures to help me as I write. A Harvest of Blessing was no different. So I generally search on Google pictures to locate snapshots of the perfect people to represent my characters. I pictured Nadia with prematurely gray hair, almost white. She has sparkling […]

Grateful for My Pastor

Since the month of November is a good time to be thankful—and my latest book is called A Harvest of Blessing, I figured I’d let you in on my most favorite blessings. Then….Nadia Maguire will also share her favorite blessings. Only thing, she may reveal more of the story than she intends. When we first […]

Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Read a Thanksgiving-themed Book

Finding a cover for A Harvest of Blessings was a challenge. I needed a middle aged couple who were involved in something they did together in the story. I found pictures of couples biking, hiking, and partying. Since Nadia and Jared didn’t do any of that in the novel, I couldn’t use them. Other pictures […]